Crew Sports

As we all know, physical exercise plays an important role in improving mental health and acts as protective factor for cognitive functioning in older adults.  We are constantly telling folks how important it is to exercise and maintain a moderate level of physical activity.  With that in mind, all crew members of SCOG-notion partake together in a sporting activity on a regular basis.  One member of the crew selects a sporting activity and the rest of us join them to learn something new and have a good time.  Take a look and see what we have done thus far.

  • Tennis:  Beth grew up playing college (Claremont McKenna College) tennis.  After much banter from a few of her lab mates, she decided to take them up on their challenges and play a couple sets of doubles.
  • Basketball:  Forrest played high school basketball and still likes to shoot hoops.  We played 3-on-3, free throwing competition, around the world, and engaged in a 3-point shooting contest.
  • Golf/ Putt Putt:  Andrew decided to slow down the pace and take us to the golf course.  We tried our best at the driving range and ended with a game of putt putt.
  • Racquetball:  Having played squash in high school, Ernest engaged us in a game of racquetball.  He probably had more fun watching the rest of us play than we did playing.
  • Bowling: After much encouragement from Beth, Mike chose an evening game of bowling.  Even though we got caught sneaking food into the bowling alley, we enjoyed watching Ernest persevere despite his apparent lack of ability.
  • Badminton: Avani had chosen badminton but she was unable to play, so she coached and encouraged us all from the sidelines.
  • Volleyball:  Jacklyn is our honorary lab member.  She played volleyball in high school and was excited that Forrest was a fellow enthusiast.  Jacklyn and Forrest together proceeded to beat a team of four (Ernest, Beth, Mike and Andrew).
  • Shotput:  Andrew was often called on by Forrest to help his son with shot put and discus.  As Andrew was about to leave for Air Force officer training, we decided this would be a perfect last choice pick.  Even though we were kicked off the recreational fields because we could “dent” the grass, we managed to find a location and have fun.
  • Football Combines:  Being that the University of Alabama had just won another national football champion, it seemed only fitting that we should determine how we might match up to our impressive football players.  This included completing a 40-yard dash, three-cone drill, broad jump, 20-yard shuttle run, punting, throwing, and push-ups.
  • Canoeing:  Adriana likes to engage in the less rigorous sporting activities and decided we should go on a nice relaxing canoeing trip around Lake Lurleen.  The scenery was gorgeous!  It should be noted that she actually wanted to do kayaking, but to her dismay the logistics didn’t work out.  Next time…
  • Walleyball:  Lisa thought the group was due for an indoor sport and suggested walleyball–Volleyball with a twist where the walls of the court can help keep the ball in play.  With only five players it took a bit of trial and error before the group found their rhythm… but once things got started, it was a lot of fun!
  • Table Tennis: During a weekly lab meeting, Forrest shared a video an older adult national table tennis tournament, and the lab unanimously came to the conclusion that table tennis should be the focus of the next lab sport.  With a few honorary lab members in tow, the Scognotion Lab gathered early in the morning at the UA Rec Center for a rotation of single and double bouts.
  • Badminton:  Jordan, one of the honorary lab members suggested the lab make a victory lap with badminton, and all involved agreed.
  • Golf/Driving Range: With an undergraduate research assistant (Courtney) with golf instruction experience, the lab hopes to meet at the driving range in the near future…